Cosmetology / Facial Treatments

Facial deep cleaning

Deep facial cleaning takes place in 12 steps.

What is it?

This is a cleansing of the upper layer of skin, in which comedons, sebum, and pollution usually accumulate. Penetrating into the pores, they remain there, not only changing the skin tone, but often causing inflammation. Therefore, they must be removed regularly to maintain healthy skin. Facial cleansing involves various methods:

✔ Manuel, using special mask exfoliant and special tools to remove grease comedons, blackheads, sebum and pollution. After the facial, a calming mask is required; Ultrasonic, to remove the dead cells of skin. This procedure is less traumatic compared to the manuel method. It can be used both separately and in addition to other types of skin cleansing;

✔ Peeling, which can be mechanical and chemical. For mechanical peeling we use machines with abrasive particles to remove dead cells, such as diamond microdermabrasion. Chemical peeling involves the use of special solutions with acids.

BioRePeel (peeling)

→ Biphasic peeling BioRePeel

→ is used to solve problems:

→ dry and dehydrated skin;

→ acne, acne in the acute stage, post-acne;

→ enlarged pores, oily skin;

→ melanosis and skin pigmentation;

→ fresh small scars;

→ prevention of skin aging;

→ prevention and correction of cosmetic skin defects (shallow wrinkles, folds);

→ improved skin tone ⠀

This peeling is all-weather and suitable for almost everyone, and it also:

✔ does not cause pain;

✔ no anesthesia required;

✔ does not leave redness and peeling of the skin

The uniqueness of the drug is that it is applied and acts like a peeling, but at the same time it gives the effect of biorevitalization - and this is without injections. ⠀

The procedure with BioRePeel peeling lasts 30-45 minutes and takes place in 5 stages:

1. washing / cleansing;

2. preliminary preparation;

3. Peeling itself;

4. serum;

5. Protective Finishing Cream ⠀

After the procedure, you get:

✔ even complexion;

✔ narrowing of pores;

✔ skin hydration;

✔ lifting;

✔ lightening pigmentation;

✔ post-acne;

✔ the result is visible after the first procedure


Microneedling is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that can rejuvenate tired-looking skin. As we reach our 30s the surface of the skin starts to show the effects of certain internal processes that have been taking place over several years.

Microneedling is a skin needling treatment that can be used for a variety of skin concerns, such as: lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage, pigmentation, acne, acne scars and stretch marks. It is natural for the skin to stop producing collagen when we are young adults, which results in its decline from the middle layers (the dermis).

As collagen production is responsible for a plump-looking, smooth complexion, its reduction causes volume to be lost and structure to weaken. tool contains sterile, disposable micro-needles that are gently glided across using stem-cell derived exosome, growth factors to further facilitate the area being treated, creating micro-channels of controlled “injury.” This injury stimulates the production of the skin’s own repairing collagen and increases absorption of the skin care ingredients/products applied as part of the procedure. This pain free skin needling technique prompts a wound healing response whereby the skin starts to repair itself. Increasing collagen production is part of this process which works to restore volume and strength to the underlying tissues.

On the surface, the skin starts to look smoother and fuller, as well as more even in tone when damaged skin cells are replenished.


Myofascial face massage is an effective facial REJUVENATING treatment

It is an absolutely painless and in fact rather pleasant cosmetic procedure and despite on the intensity and the pressure applied by the therapist on the skin tissue it is done gradually and in line with patient's individual case.

During such procedure a patient usually experiences a deep relaxation practically of all the facial muscles, which allows the therapist almost "sculpture" a form and define the contours and linear of the face, while working on the most problematic areas such (dropping cheeks, wrinkles, and all parts of lower chin). On one hand this rejuvenating cosmetic procedure is an effective prevention of any new changes associated with ageing process, on the other the technique itself is a natural method which takes off the muscle tension and therefore giving the skin toning, conditioning and elasticity. As a result all of the above leads to skin looking younger and beautiful.

How does this actually work?

The movements that the therapist uses during such procedure works through various layers of epidermis and all the tissue surrounding them.

∙ improves the blood flow

∙ enriches with the oxygen

∙ activates the production of necessary sebaceous glands

∙ detoxifies

∙ relaxes the muscles from all the tension

∙ strengthens and lifts up the skin tissue

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

This gentle massage targets the lymph nodes and drains away toxins, encouraging your lymphatic system to deliver fresh nutrients to your cells. The result is a more sculpted jawline, depuffed face, and glowing complexion that can help with improved firmness, lack of sallowness, and plumpness over time.

Body peeling


Peeling starts the process of renewal and rejuvenation of the skin, so cleanliness and freshness are natural and obligatory sensations after the procedure.

The combination of peeling massage and Californian massage in one procedure is a unique opportunity to combine in one session all the benefits of skin cleansing and deep impact on the muscles of the whole body.

Peeling massage has a number of advantages: the use of natural scrubs (ground coffee beans or fruit seeds, sea salt, dry herbs) has both a mechanical and chemical effect on the skin, cleansing it from impurities and dead cells and stimulating deep recovery.

Californian massage is performed using natural oil, heated to a pleasant temperature for the body, which allows to moisturize the skin with high quality and saturate it with useful substances; confident hands of the master have an impact on the most clamped and requiring the closest attention areas of the body, give a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

Massage Californien

This gentle massage provides a feeling of absolute relaxation. Smooth movements relax muscles and stimulate tissues to make them firmer. This massage will leave your skin soft, hydrated and beautifully supple.

Carboxy co2

The key to radiant, youthful skin.

The revolutionary needle-free CO2 Carboxy therapy helps boost skin’s metabolism and natural production of oxygen providing deep down hydration. Skin looks dramatically brighter, fresher, even-toned, less-lined and supple after first use. Also effective for bruise, swell and acne treatment. CO2 Carboxy therapy will lead the visible skin transformation to lifting effects with and increase of skin elasticity and ‘up skin tone’ only after single treatment. Stimulates collagen and elastin; increases skin density, which improves skin elasticity – especially effective for reduction of chin and neck lines. Promotes protein synthesis and metabolism while enhancing skin elasticity.

Brightening. Stimulates blood circulation and efficient waste discharge creatning translucent skin. Pore control. Enhances metabolism and disposal of wastes created by treatments or operations. Accelerates blood flow and waste discharge; effectively treats acne by recovering self-regenerative capacity of skin with anti-inflammatory properties. Activates metabolism and waste removal underneath the stretch mark area thus it reduces signs of stretch marks, especially after pregnancy or diet, for example.

Price List
1 h.
195 CHF
1 h.
Facial Deep Cleaning
125 CHF
50 min.
BioRePeel (peeling)
150 CHF
90 min.
160 CHF
50 min.
Lymphatic drainage facial massage
100 CHF
40 min.
Body peeling
80 CHF
90 min.
(with peeling)
160 CHF
1 h.
Massage Californien
120 CHF