Cosmetology / Facial Treatments

BioRePeel (peeling)

→ Biphasic peeling BioRePeel
→ is used to solve problems:
→ dry and dehydrated skin;
→ acne, acne in the acute stage, post-acne;
→ enlarged pores, oily skin;
→ melanosis and skin pigmentation;
→ fresh small scars;
→ prevention of skin aging;
→ prevention and correction of cosmetic skin defects (shallow wrinkles, folds);
→ improved skin tone ⠀

This peeling is all-weather and suitable for almost everyone, and it also:

✔ does not cause pain;
✔ no anesthesia required;
✔ does not leave redness and peeling of the skin
The uniqueness of the drug is that it is applied and acts like a peeling, but at the same time it gives the effect of biorevitalization - and this is without injections. ⠀
The procedure with BioRePeel peeling lasts 30-45 minutes and takes place in 5 stages:
1. washing / cleansing;
2. preliminary preparation;
3. Peeling itself;
4. Serum;
5. Protective Finishing Cream ⠀

After the procedure, you get:

✔ even complexion;
✔ narrowing of pores;
✔ skin hydration;
✔ lifting;
✔ lightening pigmentation;
✔ post-acne;
✔ the result is visible after the first procedure;