Eyelash extensions.
Today, almost 99% of women go to eyelash extension specialists to extend their natural eyelashes with false eyelashes. We give you advice that is very important not to damage your natural lashes.

Christine is an international championship judge and teaches courses not only in Switzerland but also in Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and France. She has developed false lashes with technologists that are very close to natural lash hair.

Winner of 7 trophies at international championships.

Eyelash extensions are the work of a jeweler, so they must be done very carefully, choosing the correct and appropriate length, shade and thickness of false eyelashes, so as not to harm the natural eyelashes. Each false eyelash is glued only to a natural eyelash, they can not be glued together. Only the highest quality products should be used, as it is your eyes and we do not recommend taking risks or experimenting.