Best pedicure in Basel?
Then only at Lublini Professional Beauty Institute.
Our technicians are highly qualified professionals with more than 60 diplomas.

If you have very dry feet, our specialists will help you solve the problem with a machine pedicure and recommend the best foot care products.

Apparatus pedicure

This type of pedicure is performed using a machine with grinding attachments, which treat the surface of the nails and foot skin, making them smooth, soft and well-groomed. Master will help you to choose the most suitable for you because it is necessary to consider not only the condition of the skin on the feet, but also the level of their sensitivity. Thus, the most effective is the hardware pedicure, because it can cope even with dry corns, removing them entirely, quite painlessly. The undoubted advantage is that this particular type of pedicure has a massage effect, affecting all the reflexive zones of the foot.

You can also enjoy a SPA pedicure, where your feet will be pampered with special masks and a small foot massage.

Our specialists will help you find a color palette that suits your skin tone (our studio has over 150 different).