Cosmetology / Facial Treatments


Myofascial face massage is an effective facial REJUVENATING treatment

It is an absolutely painless and in fact rather pleasant cosmetic procedure and despite on the intensity and the pressure applied by the therapist on the skin tissue it is done gradually and in line with patient's individual case.

During such procedure a patient usually experiences a deep relaxation practically of all the facial muscles, which allows the therapist almost "sculpture" a form and define the contours and linear of the face, while working on the most problematic areas such (dropping cheeks, wrinkles, and all parts of lower chin). On one hand this rejuvenating cosmetic procedure is an effective prevention of any new changes associated with ageing process, on the other the technique itself is a natural method which takes off the muscle tension and therefore giving the skin toning, conditioning and elasticity. As a result all of the above leads to skin looking younger and beautiful.


How does this actually work?

The movements that the therapist uses during such procedure works through various layers of epidermis and all the tissue surrounding them.

∙ improves the blood flow

∙ enriches with the oxygen

∙ activates the production of necessary sebaceous glands

∙ detoxifies

∙ relaxes the muscles from all the tension

∙ strengthens and lifts up the skin